Google Summer of Code 2008 mentors wanted

Are you interested in mentoring a student participating in Google's summer of code working with Plone?

Plone has been involved in Google summer of code for two years, with three projects in 2006 and eight in 2007 and will be submitting an application to take part in the 2008 programme next week.  Before we can do that, we need volunteers to act as student mentors and ideas for potential projects.  Summer of Code is a great opportunity for the Plone foundation, not only do we get new developers working hard on improving Plone but Google awards $500 USD to the foundation for each project that is completed. 

Help out

Please help us make this the best Summer of Code ever for Plone by joining the openplans project (and join us in #plone-soc if you're a freenode regular) and letting us know any ideas you might have.

Prospective student?

If you're a student looking to work with Plone for summer of code, please look at the openplans page and post to our mailing list, we'd love to hear from you!