Announcing "PloneBuzz", news for lazybones

"PloneBuzz" is aiming to be an aggregator of all things Plone. It will try to keep you up to date with all the latest and most important things going on in Plone-related blogs, mailing lists, the chatroom and at sprints.

"More news, we have millions of blogs and thousands of mailing lists, who's supposed to read all that?" I hear you moaning, but fear not, this newscast was actually made for you! Like you I used to wonder how people could keep track of everything that's going on in the community. At the same time I was often surprised that despite the fact that I scanned regularly and tried to follow some mailing lists I seemed to miss out on quite a few events, product announcements and the like. So this newscast is hopefully going to change all that by trying to concatenate what's going on in most newsgroups, blogs, events and products sections related to Plone. Of course this means that I have to scan everything myself, but I'm kind of hoping that if these news come up with a certain regularity people who have something to announce will actually think "Hey, maybe I should tell the guy who does the Community News about this". We'll see...

The main goal of PloneBuzz is to connect people a bit more so that they don't miss out on important discussions, new products or packages and to minimize redundancies in Product development (I suppose many of us have this "Why are there so many Products doing X but none of 'em do it properly? I wish the developers had joined forces and created something really good..."-moment once in a while). To achieve this I will post lots of links to news group archives, Products, blogs, stuff on OpenPlans and contact info in case you should be interested in giving feedback to product managers or champions, or even to join the project.

Since I attended the Sorrento sprint I thought it would be a good idea to start with a round-up of the things that went off there, and the related discussions on the lists. In the future I am planning to establish a certain structure for the news items which I will explain in the next issue because this one is going to be a little long anyway and I won't keep to the structure for now (after all it's a "Special", right?). These news items are supposed to be rather short and if time permits there will be an equally short, accompanying, 10-12 minute Podcast in the future, watch this space for more info on that.

So hold on to your hats, the first issue is just around the corner!