Zope3.ru has been launched

Key Solutions company announcing public launch of Zope3.ru

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) and DNIPROPETROVSK (UKRAINE). August 28, 2007 Пресс-релиз на русском Key Solutions Corp. announced public release of its new project for developers’ community — analytic site Zope3.ru ("http://zope3.ru/":http://zope3.ru/). The website is aimed at Russian-speaking audience ranging from IT professionals, who choose suppliers or technology basis for future development to programmers seeking a new technology to learn. "Zope 3 application server - is a stable technology that already proved its qualities among the professionals. It allows to reach high efficiency and reliability. We hope that Zope 3 soon will take a sufficient part in the corporate market and became a worthy alternative to Java and .NET-based solutions. The site’s mission is to supply Russian-speaking specialists with hot news and recommendations about the technology. We are planning to widen subject range and perform more advantages of the framework", said Mikhail Kashkin, the Chief of the company. The site chief editor is Andrey Orlov, CTO at Key Solutions. Orlov is the most well-known and competent specialist in Zope 3 and Python in Russia and Ukraine: "I wish this site become a place where people express their own, unique and peculiar, perhaps even fictional, points of view on new technologies. As it was made for Open Source community, the website adresses to people who used to regard fiction as progress vision, not a reason for senseless arguments. Now this website observes Zope 3 and Python, but it’s just the beginning." Zope 3 is a young, growing and very perspective technology based upon Python programming language, object-oriented database ZODB and component architecture. The server is developed by the community as an open source code project based on current standards. Efficient development procedures and smart architecture provide users with mechanisms to create projects of different levels, including corporate development. Another proof of Zope 3 noteworthy advantages is its gaining fame worldwide. One of the first big project in Russia is a web portal for “Sport” TV channel; in May, 2007 was released its first public version by Key Solutions Corp. **About the company** Key Solutions is an active participant of the Open Source movement. The company was founded in 2004. Since then it’s been actively promoting Python programming language, Zope application server, Plone CMS and related technologies on Russian IT market. The company has offices in Moscow, Russia and Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Key Solutions took part and organized various community-targeted events. Using of the open software products allows to create unique complex solutions. Key Solutions is one of those few companies today that successfully implement innovative solutions into business processes. English-speaking community website: "http://zope.org/":http://zope.org/
The project site: "http://zope3.ru/":http://zope3.ru/
The company site: "http://keysolutions.ru/":http://keysolutions.ru/