The fourth Snow Sprint is looking for sponsors

For the fourth year in a row, the Snow Sprint is arranged in the Austrian alps. This year bigger then ever and goals set higher then before. Saturday, 27th of January 2007 - Saturday, 3rd of February 2007.

Snow sprint 2007 - flyer

If you've had a chance to look at the latest alpha release of Plone 3.0, you'll know that there is some pretty cool Ajax functionality, which makes Plone feel more like a desktop app than a clunky web app. A good portion of the groundwork for this Ajax functionality took place at the last Snow Sprint.

The Snow Sprint has been running for 4 years and whether you have attended any of the sprints or not, you are probably benefiting from the hard work that the developers have put in during the sprint.

The Snow Sprints push Plone development forward and provide an opportunity for busy developers to have a concentrated period in which they can work on a product they are passionate about.

Now is your chance to give back. Please consider sponsoring Snow Sprint 2007, and help us make it possible to continue having these Snow Sprints.

— Sasha Vinčić, Lovely Systems