PloneGov: vote for the “most innovative good practice” EU award

PloneGov has been selected amongst 53 finalists for the Third European e-Governement Awards. PloneGov's goal is to develop a set of generic tools matching the needs of local government and other public administrations. The initiative is open and aims to reach many more organizations. Each of you can vote for PloneGov in the "most innovative good practice" category and thus help, in concrete terms, this new e-Government open source initiative.


311 cases from 32 countries have been competing for the new EU e-Gov awards edition. 53 projects have been selected as finalists after a tough evaluation. PloneGov, a bottom-up open source initiative, was selected as finalists although competing with large projects funded by national governments.


55 European, African, North and South American Public organizations participate in the PloneGov project. In doing so, they aim to gain independence from large IT services providers by developing, essentially by themselves and in a cooperative manner, applications and websites for their own use as well as for their citizens’.

PloneGov is open and aims to reach more organizations. Initiated by small towns in close collaboration with the Plone / Zope Communities, the project reaches now cities, regions and 10 parliaments. This collaboration effort already spans over 3 continents and 15 countries.

Vote for PloneGov !

You can help, in concrete terms, this new open source initiative by voting for the “most innovative good practice”.

Why should I vote ?

  • Bottom-up initiative: started by little towns and villages, the project now reaches all levels of administration from local governments to parliaments.
  • Truly open source : architecturally, PloneGov sits atop a 100% open source tool chain, in which all parts are GPL compatible.
  • Excellence: PloneGov processes are built on matures practices of successful open source communities.
  • International and open: all over the world, local communities are struggling against the digital divide. By pooling resources, PloneGov bring effective solution to these challenges.
  • e-Gov, Education and NGO are 3 pillars of the civil society. By producing generic open source tools available to all, the development of each sector directly benefits the others.
  • Values: Public Sector and OS communities share similar values on collaboration. These values are key in developing a trustworthy environment between actors from different working environment.

Who can vote?

Anyone from any country.

How to vote?

Votes are open until September 7.

How long does it take?

The process takes 10 minutes, not much to support a great project !