Plone Solutions rebrands company as “Jarn”

Levels the playing field for all Plone companies, and benefits the Plone Foundation.

October 9 2007, Naples, Italy —

Plone Solutions announced at the Plone Conference 2007 that the company is changing its name to Jarn, and its corresponding web address to

“Jarn” is the Norwegian and Icelandic word for “iron”. The name reinforces the company's values of robustness and endurance, strength and security — as well as rooting it in Jarn's own Nordic values and history.

The company Plone Solutions was incorporated in 2003, when Plone was still a project legally owned by its founders. In the following years, the Plone community fostered the Plone Foundation, and the original founders transferred their intellectual property rights to the foundation for the common good and to ensure the project's future.

With the Plone Foundation now a mature organization serving the thriving Plone community, it was time to level the playing field for all companies and organizations involved in the Plone world.

“We should not use the name simply because Plone Solutions existed before the Plone Foundation and the international trademark, and because one of the company founders happened to be a founder of Plone. Out of commitment to the community, to the Plone Foundation, and to a fair and open marketplace around Plone, we independently decided to rename our company. This change allows the Plone Foundation to enforce trademark issues clearly and creates a fair environment in which companies can compete,” said Geir Bækholt, Managing Director of Jarn.

“If any company warranted having Plone in their name, it would be these guys”, said Paul Everitt, former president of the Plone Foundation. “Instead, they voluntarily changed their name to support the idea that Plone is owned by the community and bigger than any one company. This gracious step is evidence of both Plone's democracy and Jarn's virtue.”

About the company

Jarn, formerly known as Plone Solutions, is a Plone consultancy and service provider company located in Europe. Jarn offers a full range of Plone services including hosting, support, maintenance, development, consulting and analysis.