Press Release: Plone Foundation announces Plone 3.0

Release provides enterprises with increased security, better information sharing, powerful search capabilities and more control over content.

San Francisco, Calif., Tuesday, August 21st

The Plone Foundation today announced the launch of Plone 3.0, the new major release of its leading open source Content Management System. The newest release focuses on increasing productivity, automating processes and enabling a richer, more intuitive user experience for the enterprise.

Plone 3.0 provides a simple to use, scalable and accessible system for enterprises to organize and disseminate content. Features include automatic versioning, ajax-powered editing, comprehensive search, greater visibility into who authored and changed what, and the automatic management of relational information. A host of other enhancements include easy collaboration and information sharing for individuals or groups, powerful workflow, a lightweight automatic locking and unlocking system for editing and specialized search engine support.

“Initially we purchased a top-tier commercial CMS for managing our websites, but found that customizing it to our needs was overly complex. We ended up replacing the proprietary system and other solutions with Plone,” says Kim Eaves, Director of Electronic Marketing at Novell, Inc. “Plone’s out-of-the-box functionality and add-on modules enabled us to create a user-friendly solution that has the features we need, including handling content in multiple languages.”

New in Plone 3.0

Full Versioning Support

  • Automatically keeps track of changes and makes it easy to see who has done what.
  • See a full history of edits, compare revisions and roll "back to the past" without doing multiple manual saves – the ultimate undo.

Inline Ajax Editing and Wiki Functionality

  • Makes content creation, production and editing faster and more efficient.
  • Creates the ability to quickly link information within documents to create connections in unstructured content.

Live Search For All Files

  • “As-you-type” search function automatically combs through PDFs, Images, Word web pages and additional add-ons to find the content users are looking for.

Automatic Integrity Checks

  • Automatically keeps track of document movement from one location to another so old links never break — they are transparently redirected to the new location instead.
  • Notifies users of dependent relationships so they know if they delete an image or document that is used in other documents.

Strengthened Security

  • Plone did a comprehensive security assessment and strengthened systems security, building on its reputation of having the best security among other competing systems.
  • Improvements on the usability side makes it easier to avoid security accidents by content authors and publishers.
  • This visibility increases transparency to information trails and authors.

“Content management for media companies has become extraordinarily complex,” says Amos Kenigsberg, Discover Magazine’s Web Editor. “We chose Plone over other solutions because of its ease-of-use, strong open source community and robust feature set including multimedia capabilities with videos, blogs, podcasts, photo galleries and RSS feeds.”

“Plone 3.0 is the most anticipated and substantive release of Plone yet,” says Alexander Limi, Plone co-founder. “Our momentum has grown tremendously over the past few years, and we recently reached one million downloads. This release marks the tipping point of Plone in both the mainstream as well as the enterprise.”

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