Plone 3.0 released!

The culmination of over a year of hard work by the Plone Team, Plone 3.0 is available for download for all platforms today.

This release is the most user-friendly, powerful and highly anticipated release of Plone ever, and has an amazing amount of new functionality. Some highlights: - Full versioning support, history and reverting to older revisions - Improved performance - Inline (Ajax) editing - Link and reference integrity checking - Automatic locking and unlocking - Improved handling of permissions and sharing - Upgraded visual (WYSIWYG) content editor - Full-text indexing of Word and PDF documents - Wiki support and multiple new mark-up formats - Rules engine for content - Strengthened security For the full overview, see the "Plone 3.0 feature list": Get Plone "Download Plone 3.0 for all platforms here": Upgrading from a previous version of Plone? Detailed instructions can be found in the "Upgrade Manual": Help us spread the word! "Digg the Plone 3.0 release!": — log in (or create an account if you don't have one) and vote on the Plone 3.0 release announcement! Web site updates Both the "Documentation section":/documentation and the "Add-on products section":/products have been updated in time for the Plone 3.0 release — it's now easier to find the documentation you need, as well as finding products that support the new 3.0 release. Books Another great thing about Plone 3.0 is that there is an up-to-date book written by Martin Aspeli especially for this release. You can "pre-order the book now":, and it will be available in all good bookstores shortly. Plone Rock Stars Hundreds of individuals have contributed to making Plone 3.0 the best release ever, and we'd like to thank them all for their hard work, passion and dedication in pushing out the best content management system on the planet. The Plone Community would like to express our sincere thanks to the following people and companies for their support and dedication: Google, Inc. -- For hosting our downloads and for graciously sponsoring the time of Plone co-founder Alexander Limi — and of course for the wonderful Summer of Code project — especially Leslie Hawthorn — that introduces new developers to Plone. "The Zope community": -- For producing the software Plone is built on top of. Jim Fulton for starting the whole thing — and for continuing to push the envelope with Zope 3, "Philipp von Weitershausen": for guidance and an excellent (and now "updated": book, "Andreas Jung": for being the Zope release manager. And everyone else that has contributed to Zope over the past years. The CMF community -- For being exceptionally helpful and talented, Plone would not be Plone without the CMF. Special thanks to "Jens Vagelpohl": for being the release manager for CMF, GenericSetup and PAS, Yvo Schubbe for the impressive amount of work and cleanup, and of course the founder of CMF, "Tres Seaver": for overall excellence and help with all things CMF. The Plone Documentation Team -- For the amazing re-vamp of the Plone "documentation section": in time for the 3.0 release. The Plone Framework Team -- For striking the perfect balance between new features and stability. The installer and package creators -- Sidnei da Silva and Enfold Systems for the Windows installer, Kamal Gill for the Mac OS X installer, Steve McMahon for the Unified *ix installer, Markus Tesmer for the SUSE package. "Martin Aspeli": -- For being the main driving force behind many of the new components in 3.0, including 'plone.portlets' and 'plone.contentrules', as well as writing a book to coincide with the 3.0 release, "available for pre-order at Packt Publishing": "Wichert Akkerman": -- For being the best release manager any project could wish for. Thanks for your thorough review of all code, for keeping us all in line, and for the flexibility when things out-of-the-ordinary had to be done. He also wrote the "OpenID support" included in the Plone 3.0 release. "Hanno Schlichting": -- For cleaning up and sanitizing every nook and cranny of Plone, as well as being the Internationalization Champion. "Alexander Limi": -- For taking time off his busy schedule at Google to raise the user experience of Plone to new levels with the 3.0 release, and for managing the community and developers. "Cornelis Kolbach": -- For coming up with the NuPlone theme design, and for many great design discussions. "Danny Bloemendaal": -- For organizing the UI sprint in the Netherlands — a crucial part of the 3.0 release process, and for contributing his great UI ideas to Plone. "Balazs Ree": and "Godefroid Chapelle": -- For their work on "KSS":, Plone's Ajax framework. Alec Mitchell, Gregoire Weber and the Reflab crew -- For their great work on versioning. "Andi Zeidler": -- For his great work on the link integrity functionality, the views and viewlets customization components (with Weitershausen and Mitchell), as well as the experimental support for BLOBs in Plone 3 "Tom Lazar": -- For integrating support for additional markup formats like Textile and Markdown. David "Whit" Morris -- For integrating Wicked's "wiki without the aftertaste" support in Plone. Duncan Booth -- For great work on improving Kupu, Plone's visual editor for Plone 3.0. Daniel Nouri -- For shepherding the Archetypes 1.5 release, as well as making Plone much much faster. David Convent -- For his great work on DIYPloneStyle updates for Plone 3.0. Reinout van Rees -- For updating ArchGenXML to produce 3.0-compatible code from UML diagrams. Ricardo Newbery -- For taking over the maintenance of CacheFu, Plone's caching proxy integration product. This is a crucial part of Plone's infrastructure. Melissa Wong -- For handling Public Relations for us open source geeks, and making us talk to the press. Veda Williams -- For great work on the visual redesign of the Products and Documentation sections on Florian Schulze -- For ResourceRegistries and lots of Javascript work. Ramon Navarro Bosch -- For organizing the Barcelona sprint. Geir Bækholt, Helge Tesdal and the "Plone Solutions": crew -- For organizing the Archipelago sprint, where the work on 3.0 started. David Siedband -- For organizing the Plone presence at LinuxWorld San Francisco this year. Jola Hyjek -- For redesigning the Plone logo. Everyone at the conferences, sprints and workshops this year -- Especially the people new to the Plone community. It's been great meeting you all!