Plone 3.0 bug fix day/weekend

This coming weekend, we will wrap up and fix the last remaining bugs before the Plone 3.0 final release goes out. Join us and help fix, test, verify and translate!

Ladies and Gentlemen, This coming weekend, Aug 3-5, 2007, we will do a last push to fix any remaining issues and bugs in the upcoming Plone 3.0 release. "Join us in the chat room":/support/chat (, #plone), or grab a bug in the "issue tracker": and help us make Plone 3.0 be the best release of Plone ever! If you don't have any code chops, consider helping out with testing, verification, documentation and translation instead. See you all soon! Release timing updates Because of upstream dependencies, Plone 3.0 has been postponed for about a week, the final release is now planned to go out on Tuesday, August 21, 2007. Update your calendars!