New list for Product Developers

A list for add-on product developers has been added. Here, they can get help with theirCollective-hosted products — updates to newer Plone versions,migrations and general questions about Plone add-on product development.

Making the third-party add-on product space higher quality and more robust is a priority for the Plone community, and the goal is that this list can be sort of a Plone Developer List "Light" — a more focused area for the people who maintain Plone products to ask their questions, get advice on updating and future-proofing their applications, and generally get good advice from the people involved in the core development of Plone. Currently, these people either have to post to "Plone: General":/support#general (which is not optimal) or "Plone: Core Developers":/support#core (which is certainly not optimal). We encourage all the people that want to help out our product developers to join this list, as well as all developers who have projects in the Collective. Remember, when a third-party product breaks, doesn't work with the latest version of Plone or is otherwise making the Plone experience ugly, Plone's reputation suffers too. Help us help our fantastic third-party product developers! Our aim is to get most important products ready for Plone 3.0 after the first beta is out, and this list will be the best place to get help with updating your product if you are a product developer. "Join the Product Developer list":/support#product-developers

The list is also syndicated in Gmane as gmane.comp.web.zope.plone.product-developers once it has been approved by the Gmane moderators, and in Google Groups soon.