Last days of a unique opportunity to vote Plone into eGovernment

Your vote for the “Most innovative good practice” award is a unique opportunity to reach politicians and decision makers. Winning this award will highlight the maturity achieved by the Open Source collaborative model as a pragmatic way to tackle IT challenges in society. You may vote until Friday, September 7th.

The Public Sector has an important influence on many sectors of society. A wider Open Source acceptance in this field is strategic to all Open Source users and advocates. Users in sectors such as Education, NGOs and businesses would directly benefit from broader adoption. It would result in a growing pool of available software, tools, and developers.

Beyond the practical example of PloneGov, your vote contributes to support Open Source values that are based on collaboration, openness and fair trade. It is an opportunity to support Open Source as an innovative model of IT development in which the Public Sector, NGOs and Education can work together and all of society will benefit.

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PloneGov, the project

PloneGov aims to create a collaborative software ecosystem where governmental organizations work together, in close relationship with SMEs, to share the cost of software development and enhanced capabilities. This new initiative started by small towns now reaches all levels of public administration and spans over 13 countries on 3 continents.

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Vote for the eGovernment awards

The voting process takes about 10 minutes and is open until Friday September 7th.

Who can vote?

Anyone from any country.

How to vote?

If you do not wish to provide professional data, we suggest to add “just want to vote” in the corresponding fields.