French Plone booklet for advanced webmasters

Pilot Systems has published a booklet about Plone in French.

As part of its training modules (which spans a wide range of subjects: Plone webmastering; development with Zope & Plone; Zope & Plone for system administrators; LDAP; etc.), Pilot Systems has written an extensive booklet targeted at advanced webmasters, in French. In more than 50 pages, it provides a broad view on how to manage and customize a Plone site:

  • structure of a site;
  • content types;
  • workflow;
  • catalog and search features;
  • smart folders;
  • portlet and actions;
  • user management;
  • skins;
  • templating;
  • connection with an external SQL-based database;
  • development of an Archetypes-based content type;
  • development of a custom workflow.

This document is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND (attribution, non commercial, no derivative works) and is thus freely available and distributable. It has been written and is maintained with Wiki At Work, a collaborative, wiki-based and powerful content management system which runs on top of Zope and ZWiki. If you want to collaborate and help us maintain this booklet (and upgrade it for the upcoming Plone 3 release), do not hesitate to contact us at

This booklet is freely available at Pilot Systems' web site.