Camp 5 and the BBQ Sprint Seeking Sponsors

The Triangle Zope and Python Users Group's fifth and latest boot camp provides four days of ultra-low cost Zope 3 training followed by four days of Plone 3 product sprinting including groupware and Plone Software Center. TriZPUG is actively seeking sponsors for this event.

Camp 5 and the BBQ Sprint happens March 10-17, 2007 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC.

For more information about sponsoring Camp 5 and the BBQ Sprint, please email Sponsors are recognized through announcement and logo placement on Camp 5 materials. Some sponsorship levels include seats at Camp 5 and the BBQ Sprint.

Camp 5 is an advanced Zope 3 training designed to keep Zope and Plone product developers in step as we migrate to Zope 3. Moving to Zope 3 is a good thing for projects such as Plone, as Zope 3's component architecture is a much simpler and at the same time more powerful way of developing.

Zope 3 APIs are available in Plone today by using a special bridge product included with Plone called Five. Five allows Zope 3 application development in Plone while still using the Zope 2 application server. Five is already in use in the current and previous Plone releases. Zope 3 products you develop for Plone today using Five will still work with all future versions of Plone. You are future-proof with Camp 5!

Camp 5 is the very best Zope 3 and Five training available and targeted at Zope 2, CMF, and Plone developers. Camp 5 insures your Zope, CMF, and Plone development skills stay current. Camp 5 has been tested to rave reviews from audiences in Europe and is now available for the first time in North America. Your instructor, Philipp von Weitershausen, wrote the hardcover Zope 3 book Web Component Development with Zope 3 published by Springer and now in its second edition (included with your Camp 5 registration) including five all new chapters and five completely revised chapters. Philipp also runs the acclaimed World Cookery website which aggregates the finest in Zope 3 tutorials and documentation.

Camp 5 is followed immediately by the optional BBQ Sprint at the same location where you get to finely hone your new Zope 3 skills by developing Plone 3 groupware and other products. Participants in Camp 5 may attend the BBQ Sprint for free alongside a number of super-star sponsored and other invited Plone 3 developers. You will be integrated into the international community of Plone 3 product developers and get a jump start on future Plone releases. The BBQ Sprint also includes an authentic Eastern North Carolina BBQ roast and a Chapel Hill indie rock festival. Camp 5 participants are not required to stay for the BBQ Sprint. But the opportunity is golden.

Camp 5 takes place in a state of the art high technology classroom. There are wired 100Mb Ethernet connections and grounded AC power outlets at every seat. A video projection screen monitors the presentation computer at the front of the room. The seating is conference style on terraced risers all facing the instructor. A wireless microphone tracks the instructor throughout the room.

The Camp 5 classroom and BBQ sprinting area

A complimentary snack and beverage service runs throughout the day during Camp5 and the BBQ Sprint.

For more information, please email .

Your instructor is Philipp von Weitershausen, an independent software consultant, a core Zope developer, author of the best selling book Web Component Development with Zope 3, and owner of the World Cookery Zope 3 tutorial and documentation website. Philipp lives in Dresden, Germany, where he is an MSc candidate at the Dresden University of Technology for Physics.

Philipp is a frequent presenter at Zope, Python, and Plone conferences and has tested the Camp 5 syllabus in Europe to rave reviews.

Camp 5 is made possible by the kind sponsorship of the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center, a multidisciplinary, multidepartmental facility which serves as a focal point for interactions among basic, translational, and clinical scientists studying all aspects of cardiovascular disease. Areas of specific interest include atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases, angiogenesis and cardiovascular development, cardiovascular physiology, and diseases of hemostasis.