Book: Professional Plone Development now shipping!

To accompany the recently-released Plone 3, there's a new book on the market that teaches you best-practices for working with the latest Plone release.

"Professional Plone Development": is published by Packt Publishing, and is written by Plone luminary Martin Aspeli. Alexander Limi has also made his "foreword to the book available online": The book will give you an in-depth understanding of the concepts that underpin successful Plone development, including: - How to set up a suitable development environment - The importance of automated testing of any code you write - How to perform Plone customizations in a manageable, re-usable fashion - Techniques for branding Plone and changing its look and feel - How to safely install and manage third-party add-on components - How to create your own content types - How to create new forms and templates - Ways of interacting with external relational databases - Techniques for managing users and custom user metadata - Using Plone’s new AJAX framework to build dynamic user interfaces - How to set up Zope and Plone in a production environment - How to connect to an LDAP/Active Directory repository for authentication - How to configure a caching proxy to improve Plone's performance Throughout the chapters, there is an emphasis on demonstrating key concepts with practical examples. The reader should be able to borrow from the examples to get up and running quickly, but refer to the explanations provided to fully appreciate what is going on under the hood. "You can buy the Professional Plone Development book here": The book is a fantastic resource, and the Plone Team would like to congratulate Martin and Packt on the release of the book!