Video-Report on the Belgium Plone Meeting Dec 2005 (1st part)

See what was going on in Brussels on Dec 7th 2005. Featuring interviews with Jean-Francois Roche and Kit Blake.

Finally it's avaiable: The video report of the Belgium Plone Meeting in Brussels. It's available from "": or as a direct link "here": In order to watch this you will need Quicktime 7 which will ship with "iTunes": If you want to subscribe to this video blog in order to get new entries directly you have different ways to do that: 1. **Use iTunes** Go to the Musicstore, search for "mrtopf" and you should find my podcast there. Simply subscribe to it and there you are. You can also simply click "here":itms:// if you have iTunes installed. 2. **Use Fireant** Fireant is a cool tool for watching videos from the net. The good thing here is also, that it still has the link to the original blog entry so that you can comment. Get it at and subscribe to my "RSS feed": 3. **Use Mefeedia** "Mefeedia": is an online video aggregator and you can subscribe to my stream there by simply clicking "here": So this video is part 1 one and I hope to get the second part also finished this week. I also put Chapter Marks into the quicktime file so you can simply jump from talk to talk (or interview), e.g. if my blabla is too uninteresting for you ;-) And please give me feedback about what you think about it! (The best would be under the orginal blog entry at "":