Continued Sprint Success and Awards

The San Jose Sprint is in its second to last day, and progress is moving fast; we also held an award ceremony.

Thursday, second to last day, and the SJ sprint is going great! Both the PlonePAS integration and the CMFMember artifacts are expected to be releasable by the end of the day. On the PAS team, lots of progress has been made on reducing the test failures and errors and creating documentation for the new PlonePAS integration and the stock PAS interfaces and plugins. The CMFMember team has done work on defining interfaces for member objects and code cleanup. There has also been a lot of work on integrating SchemaEditorNG into CMFMember, and generalizing the schema editor to work with any kind of schema editing, not just CMFMember objects. CMFMemberExample has also gotten some work to bring it up to date with the changes made this week. And we had our "award" ceremony tonight! Everybody "won", and recieved a cool MP3 player as reward for their hard efforts this week. Here are the awards: * Joel Burton: Most irresponsible use of CVS HEAD Award * Rob Miller: Second best looking team coach Award * Alexander Limi: Mac Daddy UI Use Case Award * Anders Pearson: Most Talkative Award * Kapil Thangavelu: Least likely to mangle PAS user IDs Award * Ben Saller: Mobile Radio Mixmaster Award * Michael Bernstein: Most efficient at converting test errors into failures Award * Whit: Honorary title of "Plone Pimp" Award * Spanky: Least likely to be caught without a sound system award. * Sasha Vincic: Most likely to be flipped off while taking a picture award. * Nisha: Most bubbly Award * Sameena: Most giggly Award * Gautham Hedge: Plone Ping Pong Champion Award * Bob Barter: Best "My-God-This-Is-How-You-Develop-Software?" Look Award * Tim Bruce: Most commits without bragging about it Award. * Munwar Shariff: Plone Party Animal Award * Chad Whitacre: Plone safe driver Award * Dan Krech: Best use of "triple" in a sentence Award * Michel Pelletier: Best-organized Sprint Organizer Award Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of the 2005 San Jose Plone Sprint!