German Plone Book for Authors and Editors

"Content Management mit Plone - Handbuch für Autoren und Redakteure" provides a complete german end-users manual for Plone 2.0.5.

The "handbook for authors and editors" is an end-users manual written in German that provides current and future users of Plone with an introductory guide and a comprehensive reference. Multiplicators can use the tutorial for courses within their work groups and use the reference to get a complete overview of Plone 2 on their own. The book is also helpful for authors and editors on customized Plone installations on web sites, portals and intranets due to the comprehensive and systematical arrangement. From the contents of the book: * Extensive tutorial * Plone basics * Explanation of all content types * Members, Roles, Groups * How to work with content * Using the workflow * Using the visual editor Information in German language and ordering is available from the books homepage: "":