Plone community raises money for poEdit

The Plone community recently had a fundraiser to help the author of the open source translation tool poEdit get better cross-platform support.

"poEdit": is an important tool for the Plone translators — it allows them to edit the translations of Plone (stored in so-called po files) in a reliable and convenient manner. There was one problem with poEdit, though - it only existed for the Windows and Linux platforms. The Mac OS X users out there were left without a proper tool to maintain translations, and there are no other applications for the OS X platform that do this. Something clearly had to be done. The author of poEdit, Vaclav Slavik, had been trying to raise money for a while through donations to buy a Mac Mini so he could maintain the OS X port of poEdit. He had received about €60 in donations when we started our fundraiser. In 14 days, the Plone community raised $580 to buy Vaclav a Mac Mini for his porting work through the "": web site. (Thanks to batlogg, oferw, davewave, nateaune, hannosch, papagr, sichart, diskind, petschki, tarmo, mhowell and hampton for their donations!) Thanks for your help! This was totally unexpected… —Vaclav Slavik And the coolest part? "": is a Plone site, and the software that runs the site is an open source Plone product. Gives you warm fuzzies all over, doesn't it. :)