Plone 2.1 Release Candidate 2 available!

The Plone Team is proud to present the second release candidate for Plone 2.1.

After over one year of development and ~4000 check-ins, we are ready to show you the preview of the upcoming 2.1 release of Plone. What's important now is that you help us by doing the following: - **Install/upgrade** backups of your instances to Plone 2.1 and report any migration problems or bugs in the "Issue Tracker":/collector - the more sites you can attempt migrating, the more likely it is that we can make *your* site migrate properly when the final release is out. - **Help out** with "fixing the remaining bugs":/development/info/bugday so we can get the release out with a minimal amount of known bugs. - **Test** the release candidate on as many setups as you can, and report any problems back to us. - **Test your products** with the 2.1 Release Candidate, if you are a third-party developer, and update your code to make use of the new 2.1 facilities that will make it faster and more scalable. Help is available on the "Developer list":/contact#developers for product authors. Plone 2.1 is the most amazing release of Plone yet, help us make it perfect! — Alexander Limi (on behalf of the Plone Team) Links - "Plone 2.1 RC2 download":/products/plone/releases/2.1 (installers coming soon) - "What's new in Plone 2.1":/documentation/whatsnew/2.1/ (Still not complete, but a good starting point) - "Plone 2.1 bug list":/development/info/bugday - "Setup instructions for working with the current SVN version of the code":/development/info/participation