CMFEditions sprint in Goteborg

Yet another CMFEditions sprint happened just after Europython Conference 2005. Release 1.0 approaches.

A three day CMFEditions sprint happened just after the EPC2005 in Goteborg.

Different bugs have been squashed during the sprint, the test suite has been refactored and Selenium tests have been added thanks to Maik Roeder.

A lot of work as been done on the documentation.

A new roadmap will be released soon.

Thanks to all the attendees and to Jacob Hallén and Laura Craigthon for organizing the Conference and providing us with a location for the sprint.

About CMFEditions

CMFEditions is a Zope-CMF Product that aims to be the versioning solution for Plone, and achieves this by being as transparent as possible and by minimizing the impact for existing applications and Plone itself. CMFEditions last release is 1.0 alpha 2 "technology preview".

For more information see the CMFEditions Product Home