Seattle Plone Gathering

Join us for the Seattle Plone gathering on April 25th. We'll be making interactive changes to the Seattle Yacht Club's Plone site, as well as reviewing the ArchSurvey product built by Dan Keshet in Seattle.

Agenda We have two seperate topics on the agenda for our upcoming April Seattle Plone gathering. The first will be a highly interactive, brainstorming session featuring Dave & Dave of the Seattle Yacht Club where they've identified 5 tweaks they'd like to make to their Plone site and they're asking for our expertise. The second presentation will focus on a survey product, ArchSurvey, built by one of our own Seattle Plone attendees Dan Keshet. For more information, visit "here": Join Our Email List To subscribe/unsubscribe from the Seattle Plone list, send email to "" with the subject "SUBSCRIBE plone_seattle" or "UNSUBSCRIBE plone_seattle" depending on your intentions. Time and Location * Monday, April 25th, 2005, 5:30 P.M. to 7:00ish P.M. * ONE/Northwest 1402 3rd Avenue, Suite 1000 Seattle WA 98101 More information: * "What is the Seattle Plone Gathering?":