Albuquerque Zope/Plone Users Group

A group of Zope and Plone users met and discussed Zope and Plone.

A group of Zope and Plone users, both novice and veteran, met for the first time at the Rio Grande Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Thursday, January 13. Chris Rivard, who moved here recently from Washington D.C., led a spirited discussion on Zope and Plone. Topics discussed were the Zope development model, Zope in comparison to PHP and Cold Fusion, the need for better Zope and Plone documentation, and user interface in Plone, i.e. the difficulty that many novice Plone users are having learning and using CMS technology at Sandia National Labs. The rapid improvement of the Plone user interface was noted. Custom alternatives to Plone, built in Zope, were discussed. Finally, the lack of experienced Zope/Plone developers in New Mexico was contrasted to the increasing amount of local Zope work available. Chris and Harlow Pinson, of Indepth Learning, asked the group if there was interest in starting a regular Zope/Plone/Python meeting, and the consensus was yes. Chris and Harlow look forward to formally announcing the group soon, and posting a meeting schedule.