City of Berne relaunches Website

Roughly two years after the first Plone Sprint, the city of Berne launches a new information portal based on Plone.

Berne is the first Swiss major city using an open source software as CMS and probably the first capital worldwide to go online with Plone. At "":, the citizens of Bern can find a broad range of information. 4teamwork has been responsible for the technical part of the project. The architecture is based in Plone and Archetypes, using Squid as Proxy server. Content created by ver 70 authors is published using a submit/review workflow. All the 19'000 content pages and database entries in the former web site could be imported into Plone. In the first week, over 250'000 requests a day have been recorded. „The solution has been partly developed by the IT department of Berne and 4teamwork. Thus the knowledge transfer has been optimized. The total duration of the project was 4 months, which is very short time.“ says Pascal Habegger, project manager at 4teamwork. "Web portal of the city of Bern":img: Parts of the solution will be made Open Source for other Swiss eGovernment projects. „This is only the start of a broad range of OSS solutions for eGovernment in Switzerland based on Plone. The Swiss government also starts building portal solutions based on Plone. Our goal is to leverage the reuse of software components in Swiss and European eGovernment projects.“, says Bernhard Buehlmann, CEO of 4teamwork. 4teamwork would like to thank the Plone community for making all this possible. Website: "": More information about the project (in German): "": Project information:: Customer: City of Berne Solution provider: 4teamwork GmbH Technology: Plone CMS Online since: January 1st, 2005 Contact: 4teamwork GmbH Pascal Habegger Laupenstrasse 1 CH-3008 Berne, Switzerland +41 31 305 90 24 p.habegger at