Issue trackers and help centers made available in products area

With the recent upgrade of Plone, Plone Software Center and Plone Help Center, it is now possible to have documentation areas and issue trackers inside projects hosted on

For developers that have their projects hosted in the " products area":/products, two new options are now available to help with project development: - "Plone Help Center":/products/plonehelpcenter documentation areas (FAQs, How-tos, Tutorials, Videos, Reference Manuals, Definitions and Error explanations) - "Poi issue tracker":/products/poi The Poi issue tracker product aims to be simple, and usable for reporters — and to make it easy to keep track of what bugs are assigned to you for developers. RSS feeds of issues are available, as a mail notifications when issues are created and changed. To see a simple (but bare, since we just enabled this feature ;) example of an issue tracker, see the one keeping tabs on "issues in Poi itself":/products/poi/issues. We hope you find the new additions useful for your project!