GroupUserFolder 3.2 released

GRUF 3.2 is out! GRUF (GroupUserFolder) is the groups management tool provided with Plone.

What's new ?

This new version brings a few useful things to GRUF, especially :

  • Now your user sources (especially LUF) can have a 'portait' property which    will be used as your user's portrait. This works only in 'feature preview' mode (see documentation for details).
  • You can put a 'notifyGroupAreaCreated' in your 'groups' folder as you would be able to put a 'notifyMemberAreaCreated' in your 'members' folder. So you can execute some code at group area creation. Thanks to F. Carlier !
  • Added a helper table on the sources tab to help managing LDAPUserFolder group mappings
  • Various bugfixes
  • Added a "Preview mode" to improve LDAP and groups management with existing Plone 2 releases.
    For example, now, you can assign local roles to users in your LDAP directory, even if they're not in the LDAP cache, in folder_localrole_form (see README and files).

License and support

GroupUserFolder is GPL. It's hosted on SourceForge in the Plone Collective, so anybody can easily contribute to it.

You can contact us at

The project is fully Open-Source and hosted at the Plone Collective

Download here:

Contact us for more information: , or by phone: +33 1 30 06 01 41.