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Get a free signed copy of PloneLive if you qualify.

So you dig Plone? Cool. Are you hawking it within your company? Better. You have some ideas to share? Awesome! The team at CIGNEX, the open source evangelist company, has authored a 400-page book, "Plone Live," that is full of useful stuff, codes, ideas, tools, and so on, for you, the Plone developer. Published by Sourcebeat, this book is now available in print. We are giving away 500 FREE copies, SIGNED by both authors, to active Plone believers. Sure, there is a catch. We want you to tell us your take on Plone: projects you are working on, tools that you have built, ideas you'd like to share. Just fill out the form at: "": describing your Plone commitment, and if you qualify (more on that below) we'll send your copy right away!