Foundation: Board nominations open - Plone needs you!

The nominations for who will be part of the next Plone Foundation board are open. If you want to help Plone, but do not have programming skills, this is an excellent way to help Plone with some of its most important challenges.

We are especially looking for people who have previous experience with board work, and that are willing to put in some hours every week to help Protect and Promote Plone. It's much more important that you are willing to make things happen than to be a well-known Plone rock star - after all, they are busy developing Plone, and should keep doing what they do best - which is normally not paperwork and administrative issues. People with experience in open source, marketing/PR, legal issues, trademark issues are preferred - as well as those who Make Things Happen. So if you ever wondered what you could do for Plone without becoming a code wizard, look no further! Plone is the best content management system on the planet, let's help get the word out to the rest of the world! "Volunteer as a candidate for the Plone Foundation board here":foundation/meetings/membership/2005/nominations Important note Previous membership in the Plone Foundation is **not** required. Anyone can run for the Plone Foundation board as long as they feel qualified. The Plone Foundation membership will then vote for the candidates in time for the Plone Conference 2005 - which is September 19, 2005 - **two weeks** away from the day this is written - so you should get that application in as soon as possible.