Archetypes 1.3.2 released

The Archetypes development team presents the Archetypes 1.3.2 release.

Archetypes a framework for the development of new Content Types in Zope/CMF/Plone. It features Schema-driven automatic form generation, simple integration with rich content types, and a low barrier of entry to the complex requirements Zope places on new content objects. "Read more about Archetypes": The release bundle includes Archetypes, PortalTransforms, MimetypesRegistry, generator, and validation. Thanks to all developers working on improving Archetypes. And a special thanks to the relentless Christian Heimes for pushing Archetypes forwards, day in and day out. Download "Download Archetypes at": You'll find more information on Archetypes downloads and repositories at "Archetypes Documentation area": Changes since 1.3.1: There are several (critical) bugfixes and usability enhancements in Archetypes and it's bundled Products. For an extensive list read HISTORY.txt of each of the bundled Products: * Archetypes "HISTORY.txt": * MimetypesRegistry "HISTORY.txt": * PortalTransforms "HISTORY.txt": * validation "HISTORY.txt": Future releases: At the Snowsprint 2005 it was decided to switch Archetypes to a time-based "release schedule": instead of a feature-based release process, as has been the case up until now. --
Jens Klein <>
*Archetypes Release Manager*
"jens quadrat":, Klein & Partner KEG, Austria