San Jose Sprint Starts With a Bang!

Report one from the San Jose Sprint

We started out yesterday morning and we split into two teams:

The PAS Integration Team is tasked with integrating PAS into Plone as an alternative to GRUF. So far they've produced a product and test cases for everywhere that PAS breaks in Plone and some documentation on the various plugins and stages of PAS's toolchain. Their Friday goal is to have a distributable product that people can start using and testing to drop PAS into Plone.

The CMFMember Team is tasked with better Plone/CMFMember integration and a major refactoring of the code and tests. They have a release candidate that went out yesterday and will be spending the rest of the week developing new features, tests, and documentation.

Big thanks to CIGNEX and their customers for hosting this great event! To see it all happen live, check out the Sprint wiki or join us on the #sprint channel on