68 Local Government Plone Sites in Australia Deployed

Digital Trends WA - utilising the Plone CMS - has assisted the Western Australian Local Government Association to develop over 65 Local Government Websites including the Local Government Portal.

After an extensive CMS review and analysis Plone was selected as the preferred solution as a replacement for the Associations existing CMS. The solution provides each member Council with a sophisticated, yet easy to use website CMS that not only matched but improved on their existing functionality while making it much easier to use. An important aspect of the Plone / Zope solution was the creation of the Graphic Display Framework, this framework provided the clients with a base set of customizable layouts that allowed them to not only keep their existing look and fee but also manipulate presentation items such as the navigation placement, news and events portlets and font/heading sizes quickly and easily through editing the online base properties form. Digital Trends understood that it was imperative that allthough this was a mass migration, each client Council needed to be treated and assisted as individuals and hence developed features to allow the customers to keep and build on their individuality. Due to Plone and Zope’s intuitive design, highly functional feature set and over robustness the Digital Trends team was able to meet all it’s clients requirements and assist them in meeting the 60 sites in 60 days goal. Digital Trends would like to thank all those at the Western Australian Local Government Association and Linking Councils & Communities program for both the opportunity and their continuous professionalism while working on this project.