Thanksgiving Update

First batch of conference videos go online, COMDEX summaryand Release Candidate 2 is nearing completion.

After 10 weeks of waiting we finally have the tutorial and first days of lectures available online. I plan on having the last day of lectures done by end of December. I dropped one of the MiniDV's into my cup of coffee. sigh Luckily I had already digitized it (State of Plone) and its not as good or as important as the other talks that were given. - New Orleans Plone Conference - Conference Slides and Handouts - Conference Videos After winning the O'Reilly Comdex contest and rushing to get projects finished. We left to goto Las Vegas Sunday before Comdex. We stayed at the Hilton. We were among some really great people at O'Reilly booth: Mark Stone (OReilly), Dale Dougherty (OReilly), KDE, Gimp, Zope, and Eclipse were all fantastic projects to hangout with. We were under the Opensource Innovation Area. It was moderately busy. We were allowed to put up a six foot Plone banner behind us. We also gave out tshirts. I was told we were the only booth that were giving out tshirts. Tshirts were reserved for people who showed interest and watched a presentation on Plone. Presenters were: Alexander Limi (Plone Solutions), Scott Paley (Abstract Edge), Jim Roepcke (Tyrell Development), and Alan Runyan (RUNYAGA, LLC). We all had a great time. Drinking, gambling and seeing the sites. Also thanks to Michael Bernstein for the dinner where we got to meet a few apachecon attendees/presenters. If all goes well we might have ATOM support in Zope/CMF/Plone. Finally we are nearing completion of RC2. I am waiting for Alex Limi to get some time to help migrate Plone and write some documentation. I have checked in the migration script and Sidnei fixed some serious blunders on my part. But I have migrated's Data.fs on a separate instance and it works just fine. So if all goes well it could be this weekend to get the tarball out. You fetch the latest tarballs from and read my email o plone-dev mailing list about how migrations should work. Also read the plone-cvscheckins mailing list for my comment. We will aggregate all of this into a release document that will be on and exlain the DOs and DONTs of migration of 1.0.x to 2.0. I hope to have concrete news about RC2 next week. cheers, alan runyan and the plone team