Conference Registration Closing

October 8th we will close online registration.

The Plone conference is having overwhelming success. We have approximately 100 persons that will attend. Local persons from the swamps of Louisiana to far-east Japanese developers will show up. Quite a few people from around Europe will also be attending. The tutorials have been completed and the information that will be covered is very high quality. So you have a few more days to register to be a part of one of the high points in the Zope community. The last event that I saw that marked to be a high point in the Zope/Python communities was EuroPython. But having a Plone conference demonstrates that people are very interested in Zope/Python in the United States. We all know Zope/Python is almost pillar in the opensource world in Europe. Plone is gaining momentum and is entrenching itself amongst consultants, nonprofits and ngo's around the world as a flexible high-quality content management system. October 8th we will take down all online registration. If you register after October 8th on the internet, it may be possible we could lose your subscription. Later that week we will send notices out to all people who we have registered. There will be another News Item talking about the conference details after the notices are sent. The upside is you will be able to register/pay for the conference at the door! We have two people working for the conference to set out drinks, answer local trivia and ensure that information packets will be distributed to the correct personnel. Do not fear we will not be exceed the conference capacity - we have room for you! I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Plone, Zope and Python communities for making this event possible. "Our statistics": (awstats) on just shows you how much the website is growing. Its amazing! Thanks again to everyone and I look forward to sending attendees their confirmations and meeting everyone in New Orleans. There will be a New Orleans Sprint that Monday and Tuesday. We would only like for highly skilled developers to attend. Please contact me if you are interested. We have room for about 10 developers who will work on bugs and getting another release of Plone out for the conference. Alan Runyan and the Plone Team