Real Networks Streams Plone Conference

With the support from Real Networks and the Helix commmunity the Plone Conference will be streamed live.

Update **Update:** The Plone conference has ended, and the live streams are no longer streaming. Please wait for them to be edited and transfered to DVD and/or online files - this will take few weeks to do right. Real Networks Streams Plone Conference The Plone Conference team is pleased to announce that Real Networks is providing streaming video for conference sessions. With this generous cooperation, the tools and services from the Helix DNA platform will let all the Plone community get value from the presentations. The New Orleans Plone Conference is a three day event (Oct.15-17, 9AM-5:30PM CST) discussing the technical aspects of the Plone product and associated technologies. Over 18 Hours of speaking engagements, over 125 participants the Conference is a significant milestone in the evolution of the Python/Zope/Plone communities. As a long time Python user, Real Networks is helping the delivery of the conference message by use of its network. We're happy to say that the web broadcast is being partially sponsored by, a collaborative effort among RealNetworks, leading companies, and the open source community to extend and innovate on the Helix DNA platform. Go to to learn more, and get the source code to RealNetworks' suite of products.   "Live URL with Player": "Embedded Player":