Plone 2.0 beta 3 Released

After a few weeks; one conference, one sprint, one bug day, several sleepless nights from the developers. Beta3 arrives. Minor problems exist. Great to develop on.

Plone 2.0 beta3 works with CMF1.4.x and higher. Notice that Plone 1.x works only with CMF1.3.x and lower. We are still working on Plone 2.0 and have released beta 3 today. It can be found at, "Plone 2.0 beta 3 tarball": as usual. Your first question might be, "What has changed?" - Started moving plone_3rdParty skins out of Plone. Such as CMFWiki and CMFCollector. Why would we do this? Because the Plone CORE needs to be simply that - a CORE. No fat such as Wiki's, Collector's, Photo Albums, etc. These are third party components that are housed on the internet or "in the collective": - Renamed plone_templates/plone_slots to plone_portlets. Why? Firstly if you have done significant work with CMF you would know that the system is meant to 'flatten' the namespace by using skins. So we decided to flatten everything out and there should be no nested folders in the skins directory. From a geek PoV hierarchies are nice. From a usability point of view - flat is better. - Calendar popup is quite advanced and has been reworked. Thanks to 4teamwork for doing the integration of "JSCalendar": by Mihai Bazon. - Removed a few deprecated tools (aka services), one being the portal_form_validation. This has been changed to use the CMFFormController; which works brilliantly. - We now have 170 unit tests so we are shipping with the ZopeTestCase product. - Removed portal_workflow from the ActionProviders because we do not use CMF's mechanism for showing transitions. This is now done in the 'review_slot' and no longer is available in the personalBar. In fact the personalBar is easily extensible by setting an Actions category to 'user'. - Removed a feature that had not been born yet. The XML-RPC STX comment preview mechanism. Comments are now plain text. This is simplest and most obvious behavior. Then you may ask, "Why is it still beta? What gives?" - We have found a ugly in the configuration machinery. The ugly happens in the SetupBase constructor who gets a persistent reference. The SetupBase instance is then held in a module level variable. This is NAUGHTY. You need to be careful with persistent references. Thanks to Tres and SteveA for hints. As a result of this you can not add more than 1 plone site without restarting Zope. You will start seeing stranger and stranger behavior as you add Plone sites and then you will start getting Connection closed exceptions. - There is an IE cookie bug. My preliminary looking at this seems some how 2 cookies are getting set on IE with the same name (whatever the name is in cookie_authentication). I'm not sure this is a Zope/CMF/Plone thing. Shane has incorporated a cookie related bug fix into CMF HEAD (thanks to Richard Jones) but it does not seem to fix the IE cookie bugs we are seeing. If you login i.e. http://plone/manage fill in info, do some stuff in ZMI. Logout. Try to login as someone else. Then logout. Then log back in as the original person. It seems to cause the problem. So if you know you are typing in the proper credentials you need to clear your cookies. This will be fixed Release Candidate. - GRUF is not acknowledging higher level acl_users. This is more of a nuisance than anything else. I hope to kick the GRUF team in the ass to get the moving on this. So GRUF team - if you are reading this PLEASE FIX! So is this stuff stable? Can I develop with it? Yes. Beta3 is stable and we should have the rest of the bugs resolved by end of the week (WE NEED HELP!). There should be minimal migration hassles from Beta3 to RC1 to 2.0 final. After we get the next beta out the Plone Team will start working on migrations. Then a migration of to 2.0 RC1. After teh kinks are worked out with and everyone is happy 2.0 final will be announced. It is possible that a beta 4 or RC will complete by the end of this week. Then the translation teams can start their work. We hope to have 2.0 out by the end of November. If you are developing on top of Plone. Please use 2.0 and track it instead of using 1.x. Like Plone? "Dont Forget To Vote!": Thanks, **The Plone Team**