Important: Plone 2.0 Schedule (Updated)

An attempt to get the community to help clean out the collector, test CVS, and release a beta in the next 7 days.

Plone 2.0 needs *your* help To get the Plone 2.0 release done by October 15th, we need people to work together very closely. It is now in the community's court since we have approximately 60 people who have CVS contribute access to Plone CVS. Tuesday September 23rd is the beta freeze for Plone 2.0. It is already frozen feature-wise, but until then we can actually **remove** components out of 2.0. This means that the sprint people especially should make sure their changes work, or else it will be postponed to 2.1. The main tasks are fixing ControlPanel and integrating FormController by this time. The following day (Wednesday the 24rd), we will hopefully release beta1 and create a branch for 2.0. People need to work on clearing out the collector of old bugs and resolving outstanding bugs. Please help out with this, check Plone out from CVS and help us locate any remaining bugs. If we have to release beta tarballs every 2 days, we will do this until people start working out the problems with us. Plone 2.0 has a rich feature set which requires extensive testing and hammering for a solid 2.0 release. We will have a 2 day sprint before Plone Conference in New Orleans. This is a small intimiate sprint that is focused on fixing outstanding issues with Plone 2.0 and getting the final tarball released and notifying the Installer maintainers, as well as writing documentation for migrating existing sites in the cases where automatic migration can't be applied (typically heavily customized sites). How to help - Checking out the CVS version of Plone is "explained here":/development/current/projects/HowToBuildFromCvs - The release process is "explained here":/development/current/projects/ReleasePhases - The bug collector is "found here":/collector - How to join IRC and coordinate or get help with fixing bugs is "explained here":/development/chat - Plone 2.0 has a test instance that is updated online every hour at "": - please help us locate any bugs. If the instance is broken, that means somebody did something bad. As it deletes everything when it resets the site, your user accounts will not remain. Update is done every full hour (XX:00). We need **your** help. Please follow the instructions and check out a test version of 2.0 - and help us locate and get rid of remaining bugs. Participate, and you will have a preview of the future of Plone! **The Plone Team**