Workspaces available on

After the content clean-up a while back, we removed the ability to add News Items and Events to the site. That functionality is now back, in the form of Workspaces for users.

Instead of having a home folder, you now have a Workspace, which is essentially a reference to objects on the web site. You can add News Items and Events, and they will automatically be put in the correct sections of the web site instead of in your user folder. As a bonus, you can add any document to your workspace, thus you're able to create your own collection of useful pages on We would like to remind you that you can add documentation in our "How-to wiki":/documentation/howto/FrontPage and other wikis. We hope you like the new functionality. *NOTE*: We have also upgraded to Zope2.6.2 and CMF1.3.2. We are also running ZODB/ZEO 3.2rc1. And as before using Python2.2.3. **The Plone Team**