Plone 2.0 Release Candidate 2 released

The latest Release Candidate of Plone 2.0 is released. Please help us test the migrations and give feedback in the Collector.

The focus for this release is to test migrations. Before you test it, back up everything, because it's very likely that you will have problems migrating that we have not anticipated. Do not expect this to work flawlessly yet. There's a migration guide still being written and updated - there are things that still do not work, but we need your help in finding migration problems. Please report migration problems in the Collector - don't forget to search it before you submit a report, so we minimize duplicates. Use the Upgrade / Migration topic category. For those of you that have the luxury of starting fresh, Plone 2.0 RC2 provides a stable enough base to build your sites on. No changes are expected, only bugfixes. Windows installer will follow as soon as the maintainer has time to create it. Big thanks to all who have helped with testing and written code to get RC2 out the door. You rock! Download Plone 2.0 RC2 tarball (Linux/BSD/Solaris) Download Plone 2.0 RC2 pkg (Mac OS X) Download Plone 2.0 RC2 zip (Windows) Plone 2 requires CMF 1.4.2 and Zope 2.6.2 or 2.7 beta3, everything else is included in the tarball/zip. Be sure to read the migration guide if you are migrating - you can not migrate using the migration tool this time. -- Alexander Limi