Plone 2.0 beta 2 released

Fixing lots of small issues from the first beta release of Plone 2.0, we released the second beta today.

Downloading You can "download the tarball from Sourceforge here": - please note that there is no migration from 1.x or Windows installer available yet. Please install this on your testing servers and report bugs in the "Plone Collector":/collector so we can work out any remaining issues. Changes in Beta 2 - Lots of CSS and accessibility tweaks - now shipping with Formulator 1.5 - add portal_actionicons.renderActionIcon(category, iconid, default) which returns back the actual object instance instead of a path. Now you can put icon and action in the bar left of the 'add new item' in the green bar by: - creating an action who's category is: object_actions - create an action_icon whos category is: object_actions and icon_id is the same as the 'id' above this potentially invokes lots of calls down to portal_actionicons but its the only way to actually get the icons with all the attributes. We could cache the icons in the renderActionIcon method. Also added unit tests. - add base class that inherients from PortalContent we could use this in the future to hook the reference engine in archetypes (or rather the reference engine that should move out of archetypes *wink*) - added 'enable_border' to folder_localrole_form, folder_edit_form, content_status_history so that the greenborder will show up when you are performing these actions at the root of the Plone site. this should be done in python instead of in the templates. 2.1 ;-) - added 'unwrapobjects' property to the CatalogTool PropertyManager if this is True the catalog will unwrap the AcquisitionWrapper from the object before indexing. This was done because you could get unexpected results if you had content with the same ID as a Index. [stefan removed this because runyaga sucks but we need this w/ tests] - added a Plone Site portal_type. This portal_type is what the root of the Plone Site's _setPortalTypeName is set to. This way the Folder permissions are manipulated separately from the root of the Portal. What became a major problem in "private" sites was having a different policy set in the Permissions tab but then someone "Updating Permissions" from the workflow tool which would reset the permission on the root of your site! This is added to migrations. - If you only allow 'Authenticated' to 'View' the portal root when you login you authenticate but get a 'Insufficient Privs' page. - It seems you can not logout ;-( -- maybe you logout but before redirection you dont have 'View' permissions and the exception rollsback the logout? - personalBar (mystuff, preferences, undo, logout) now no longer uses 'global' actions. This was causing worklist 'pending XXX (N)' in the personalBar. Which is not i18nable and breaks semantics of the personalBar (which are user-centric actions). Two things were introduced: - keyFilteredActions which will return a two dimensional dictionary keyed_actions=[category][action_id] so you can easily pick out actions using its category and id. - getOrderedUserActions which given a two dimensional dictionary keyed like keyFilteredActions and a ordering dictionary will return 'in order' the user actions. If you add more actions using tools they will show up in between the 'pre','post' ordering lists (which can be passed ala ordering dictionary) NOTE: - portal_undo actions 'undo' category should be 'user' not 'global' this goes the same for portal_properties' 'configPortal' action - plone should not ship with 'default_workflow' which injects hardcoded information into the listFilteredActionsFor. - all worklists in plone workflows should not use 'global' category but should use the 'workflow' or 'worklist' category. Up to whoever gets to it first 8-). - Presentation mode now renders paragraph tags invisible, which means you can create a richer document for web and/or print, but keep the presentations without the additional comments. If you want the old behaviour, just uncomment the relevant p {} section in the plonePresentation.css style sheet. - CMFPlone.Portal.Site now uses the OrderedContainer mixin. __implements__ the OrderContainer and DefaultDublinCoreImpl xface.