File System-based Skin Example released

A simple example Product that shows you how to put skins on the file system instead of inside the ZODB.

One of the more common questions we get about Plone development is "Do I have to keep my skins inside Zope? Can I put them on the file system?" - well, of course you can. :) To make it easier to get started, I have put a package in the Collective that you can download to find out how to create your own Product that will show up in the Add/Remove Products control panel in 2.0 (or via QuickInstaller or external method in the CMF) - so you can easily distribute your skins as an independent product. "Download it here": - and put it in your Products directory. Install like a normal Product, and look at the 'readme.txt' to get the details on how to customize it for your needs. I hope you find it useful :) Alexander Limi - "Plone Solutions": - Training, Development and Support