Conference Attendence

We have just sent out the reciepts for all conference attendees who registered using Paypal. Now is the time to ensure your are confirmed for the conference.

The conference has been put together by first-time conference planners. So please bear with us through the "growing pains". We have organized all the recieipts from Paypal and sponsorship receipts (and invoices for sponsors). **NOTE:** Some people may have been confused by the payment system. The conference is only for Thursday and Friday it cost $50 (early registration) or $100. The tutorials cost $150 (early registration) or $200. So if you walk-in to the conference door and want to purchase entry for the entire conference (Wed-Fri) it will cost $300. Cash, Check, or Money Order. You are responsible for eating and housing accomodations. There is a selection of food on Tulane's campus where we plan to eat. 1. There will be plenty of room for people who have not registered through paypal. We will be accepting cash, money orders and checks at the door. Please make them payable to RUNYAGA, LLC. If you want to attend the conference - please come. There is plenty of space. We can always find people places to stay in New Orleans. You just may have to pay more for taxi's. 2. If by some reason you have not received an reciept for your payment, do not fear. Just "send me an email" and we will work out the issues. The staff working the door knows very little about anything accept who has recipts and know how to process new conference entries. 3. The conference will be a mix of very technical and basic knowledge. The tutorials are targeted to people with not so much experience with Plone (but have background in programming). Please purchase Python in a Nutshell or Learning Python before you come. The conference will be geared towards Plone implementations (case studies) and fairly technical discussion about implementation of Plone and its components. 4. This is a social event. Please talk to the speakers. Most everyone is very interested in talking about technology (especially Python ;-). What you will gain from this will happen as much out of the conference room as it will in the conference room. Please mingle. There are a lot of developers who want to "bootstrap" other programmers into Zope. 5. Take notes! Most of the presenters are very technical and we tend to speak in another language at times. If you are not familiar with what people say. Write it down and ask someone at the conference. 6. Its New Orleans. Things will not always be on time. We may run late on some days (no matter what we have to be out of the building by 6PM). Please feel free to come and go. The environment will/should be very relaxed. I hope to meet everyone at the conference. Please try to meet everyone. All speakers that Andy and I have organized are *very* nice people and are willing to talk to beginners and advanced people alike. Thank you for supporting Plone, The Plone Conference Team