Plone is going to COMDEX!

Plone was selected as one of the open-source projects to represent at the O'Reilly booth at COMDEX, Las Vegas this month.

Other worthy projects included OpenOffice, KDE, GNOME, GIMP - and Zope. We were voted #1 of these, and I would like to say thank you to our incredibly dedicated supporters who voted for us. You all deserve to be there. :) Check out the "announcement from O'Reilly": for more details. People that will be present are the two Plone Founders - Alan Runyan (Core development) from "Runyaga LLC": and Alexander Limi (User Interfaces) from "Plone Solutions": - in addition to Jim Roepcke from "Tyrell": and Scott Paley from "Abstract Edge": - two other important Plone companies. So if you're attending COMDEX, be sure to pay us a visit! :) We will be at booth #9636, which is the Open Source and Linux Innovation Center. The Innovation Center is composed of 5 areas, each is about 50 x 50 w/ its own theater. **The Plone Team**