Help get Plone to Comdex!

Comdex is one of the biggest technology conferences in the world. O'Reilly Network has graciously selected Plone as one of the 20 projects they would like to see at Comdex. Now you must help vote for Plone to get us selected as one of the six projects they will have on their stand.

Hot on the heels of the very successful Plone Conference, we got word from O'Reilly that we've been selected as one of the projects they would like to see at Comdex in Las Vegas. We're of course *very* flattered by this, and if selected and voted among the six projects they're selecting, we will be able to run demos on the show floor, and be able to reach people who don't normally see much of open source. Please vote for Plone and help us spread the word about the best Content Management System out there. As well as getting us to Las Vegas, of course. ;) Please do the following: 1. "Sign up for an account at O'Reilly": - these are nice people, and will not spam you or anything silly like that. 2. "Vote for Plone": - you are allowed to do it **once per day**, and we urge you to do so. **The Plone Team**