Bug Day 2 & 3 - Progress report

Lots of brilliant people sacrificed a lot of time to get Plone 2.0 ready for prime time. Here are some of the happenings for day 2 and day 3 of the Bug Weekend.

The goal was to get an RC3 release out by end of Monday. (A release does not mean full Win/Mac installers and such, but at least a tarball that people can test and report feedback on. There are a lot of very visual improvements in the current CVS version of Plone 2.0, all the Control Panels have been cleaned up, made consistent and easy to navigate, and there's also been a lot of grammar/syntax fixes. People have been fixing bugs at an impressive rate while this was going on, and squashed almost all the remaining bugs of the 400 issues we started out with. Some statistics: - 234 mails on the bug list - 58 resolved issues(!) - 17 rejected issues (feature suggestions not accepted, bugs that aren't reproducible) - 101 issues commented (suggestions on solving the problems, how to reproduce) - 32 new issues or clarification of earlier rejected issues - 20 issues edited (target version changes, additional testing/info) - 6 other activities (security up/downgrading of issues, resubmissions etc) So what's the total standing? Right now, we have - 55 general issues (not counting migration/platform installers) Not all of them need to be resolved, but if you have the ability to help out, have a look. The only thing that is holding Release Candidate 3 (RC3) back are: - 3 critical issues If you posess the required permission / Python / CMF /Zope Zen to help us with these, I know a lot of happy people out there who will get a very real Christmas present in the form of Plone RC3. Please help out if you can. The team has been fabulous, knocking down an incredible amount of bugs in a very short time. I'm going to bed now after 40 hours non-stop bughunting, but there are others in #plone irc.freenode.net that will help you out if you want to contribute. I'm hoping for an RC3 release under my Christmas tree when I wake up. :) -- Alexander Limi, Bug Day Coach