Bug Day 1 - Progress Report

What an amazing effort. We started out with ~400 open issues, and are now down to 122.

Day 1 - Progress The hard stats from the mailing list (doesn't add up exactly because of comments etc, but shows the enormous activity): - 567 mails in total for Day 1 - 154 issues resolved - 69 issues rejected (feature suggestions not accepted, bugs that aren't reproducible) - 213 issues edited (target version changes, additional testing/info) - 82 issues commented (suggestions on solving the problems, how to reproduce) - 37 new issues or clarification of earlier rejected issues - 13 other activities (security up/downgrading of issues, resubmissions etc) Tomorrow, the goal is to condense the 122 remaining issues into the main areas, and get people focusing on the biggest issues. Personally, I'll do a lot of UI work and HTML/CSS template work. So can you help? Yes! The most important thing right now is fortunately the thing you need to know the least to help with - migrations. We need you to show up with a backup copy of your Plone 1.0.x site, and try to upgrade it to 2.0 - and report the problems you encounter. If all goes well, you will have a fully working 2.0 site by the end of the test - isn't that a rewarding experience, I don't know what is ;) Join us on irc.freenode.net, channel #plone - see you there! Right now I need some sleep though, but #plone never sleeps. :) -- Alexander Limi, coach for Day 1