Developers: Plone Bug Day

This Friday is an official Bug Hunt Day for Plone 2.0. After this effort, we will release the last beta, and move on to RC's, with a planned release of Plone 2.0 final by the end of November.

Full bug day details are "found here":/newsitems/News_Item.2003-10-21.4754 - please participate. Even if you're not a developer, there's lots of things you can do to help (verify/test bugs etc). In preparation for the bug day, my goal was to update the wiki to be as relevant as possible, and remove the old content that was no longer relevant. The development wiki "is found here": - and the Plone "Bug Day page is found here": - please help us close the listed bugs. In an attempt to formalize the processes a bit, I've constructed some loose teams that mimic what we already have. I have only filled in what I had information on at the moment, I'm sure there are other teams that need to be identified. I have populated the Team Pages with stuff that was in my head, feel free to reorganize, I just wanted a starting point for everybody. :) I've proposed some team leaders to take care of the Team Areas, these are suggestions only, so feel free to propose yourself as a leader, or to remove yourself if you don't want to be a team leader. The current Teams [Developer Team] -- Python developers area. *(Team leaders: runyaga?, others)* [Documentation Team] -- Coordination of the documentation efforts. *(Team leaders: andym, joelburton?)* [i18n Team] -- Internationalization Team area. *(Team leaders: batlogg, gotcha)* [Release Team] -- The people responsible for the Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD installers and packages, and the release process. *(team leader: andym?)* [UI Team] -- The team dealing with UI, HTML and CSS. *(Team leader: limi)* [Video Team] -- The team responsible for the instructional videos for Plone. *(Team leader: ev?)* [Website Team] -- The team responsible for the website, Collective integration and associated products. *(Team leader: georgedonnely, limi)* Hope you like the "new" Teams, and start using the Development Wiki actively. I also created the Future Plone section to keep track of features we want, that haven't landed yet: "Future Plone": Let's squish those Plone 2.0 bugs and get that last beta release out today :) -- Alexander Limi