Plone 1.0 RC2 Released

The official Release Candidate 2 has been released upon the world. This should be the final one before 1.0.

Among the wonderful things that have landed: - 8 new skins - more i18n updates (calendar is now localizable) - updated i18n .po files ship (24) - lots of bug fixes and usability tweaks - some CSS overhaul before the final release (see HISTORY.txt) Please use the migration tool to upgrade. If you have used the previous "unofficial" RC2 you may have to manually intervene. Ask the mailing list for more information. We are trying to have a *short* bug day this Thursday so we can get 1.0 out early next week. More good news, we are now in the FreeBSD ports listing (www/plone), and we are available in Debian GNU/Linux (apt-get plone). We need a RPM package maintainer for Red Hat Linux (and Mandrake), if there are any volunteers, contact us. Maintainers of other package formats are of course welcome too. Get it from our "download page":/download and report any remaining bugs in the "Collector":/collector and help us make a perfect 1.0 release. **The Plone Team**