Department of Statistics of the Canton Basel-Stadt sets new record in content publishing

In only three working days, the team of Peter Schwendener, Head of the Statistical Department of the Canton Basel-Stadt, published over 200 pages of statistical data using the Plone CMS. The site shows the results of a bi-annual questionnaire where the citizens of Basel answer questions about e.g. the living standards and the social environment of their city. Detailed results of the over 300 charts, documents, and tables provide a rich overview of Basel and its development.



The team of Peter Schwendener has been supported by 4teamwork, a leading Swiss Plone company: In collaboration with 4teamwork, we developed a modular Web application which fulfills the corporate identity requirements of the government of the Canton Basel-Stadt. Thanks to the simple GUI, a team of 4 people was able to publish the content after a 10 minute training lesson in two working days only., states Peter Schwendener after the successful launch of the site on Wednesday, 26th November 2003. Bernhard Bühlmann, project leader 4teamwork and coach of the 2-day publishing sprint: There is no simpler and faster way to publish information on the Web. This successful project confirms the revolutionary approach of how easily content can be published using the Plone CMS. The Plone-based solution is superior to commercial systems both in cost and user interface effectiveness. Congratulations to the team of Peter Schwendener. They did a great job! The solution is based on the Plone Content and Collaboration System. Peter Schwendener is excited about the modular approach of Plone: We have extended the Plone CMS by a few important modules. 4teamwork was able to implement our requirements and created a web application which exactly corresponds to our needs. The fact that the solution is based on open source helped us to realize the project with a lower budget compared to a commercial CMS, with the benefit of a more advanced solution. - Website: - More information about the project on Project Information:: Customer: Department of Statistics of the Canton Basel-Stadt, Switzerland Solution Provider: 4teamwork GmbH Technology: Plone CMS Online since: November 2003 Contact: 4teamwork GmbH Bernhard Bühlmann Laupenstrasse 1 3008 Berne, Switzerland b.buehlmann at