Swiss power station KWO launches Plone-based website

The Kraftwerke Oberhasli KWO, one of the biggest Swiss power stations, has relaunched a new web site based on the content and collaboration system Plone.

The existing site has been migrated from a Microsoft based solution to one of the most advanced open source content management systems. Ernst Baumberger, Marketing Director KWO: 'The solution with Plone helps us to publish our information in the simplest possible way. 4teamwork created a web-application based on our experience. The ability to add content right from the beginning of the project has significantly reduced the total project time.' "":img: The site's content is created and maintained using 'Structured Text'. Pascal Habegger, 4teamwork: 'Using structured text helps us to keep the layout simple and clean. After a short introduction, the customer was able to create most of the pages following the simple text formatting rules. It is just amazing what things can be done using STX.' The site consist of over 400 pages and over 200 images. An extended news item where images and files can be added has been the base of most content types. The skin has been designed by professional web designers. In addition, the customer is able to add banner images and new folders in the navigation structure without having to contact the solution provider. - Website: "": - More information about the project (in German): "": "4teamwork":img: Project information:: Customer: Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG Solution provider: 4teamwork GmbH Technology: Plone CMS New Modules: Staff portrait, Extended News Item, Flat Navigation, Custom Banner Images Online since: 15. September 2003 Contact: 4teamwork GmbH Pascal Habegger Engehaldenstrasse 87 CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland p.habegger at