PortalTransforms 1.0a1 released !

I'm pleased to announce the first alpha release of the PortalTransforms Zope product. It provides two new CMF tools in order tomake MIME types based transformations on the portal contents and so aneasy to way to plugin some new transformations for previouslyunsupported content types. You will find more info in the package'sREADME and docs directory.This product is part of the Archetypes project, but the onlyrequirement to use it is to have a CMF based site. If you are usingArchetypes, this package replaces the transform package.


Extract the package and move it into the Products directory of your Zope installation (remove the '-1.0a1' part of the name in the same time). Now you can install it to your CMF sites using the quick installer or the usual PortalTransforms.Install.install external method.

Home page


I'll try to collect some resources here



Contribute !

Please contribute your transformations so we'll be able to provide a great transformations base ! I'll try to make available some developper oriented documentation until the 1.0 final to make that easier. Until that it shouldn't be too hard to write your own transform by looking at the interfaces and at the existant ones ;)

Enjoy !