Mid-November Plone

Plone contemplates beta3, write up from OSCOM, and Team page

We are sitting on the verge of releasing beta3, and are all very busy working on client projects. What is sitting in the Plone-1_0 branch is what is intended for beta3. There was a promise that we would make upgrades painless going from beta to beta. We havent had a complete pointy-clicky experience in migrating from beta1 or beta2, and that's some of the reason we are waiting with the release of beta3. So if people can help give feedback on their experiences of migrating from a earlier beta to Plone-1_0 branch it would be encouraging.

Bored, looking around, I found a write up of OSCOM which "says some nice things":http://www.mindjack.com/events/oscom.html about Plone. Thanks to Mike Sugarbaker for the kind words. OSCOM was great fun. Not only do you learn about other projects but I made quite a few friends at the conference. Seeing projects like Xopus, Bitflux, OpenCMS and all of the others was enlightening. Each project had a different view on rapid development. It was most certainly interesting to see how each one tackled the problem domain. Most kept data in a relational database. Almost all had explorer-like interfaces for users to interact with the system: tree navigation, drop down menus. Xopus and Bitflux really show a different approach to traditional web app UI - very innovative!

Lastly "plone.org":/ has grown a few more features. A "Team Page":/about/team has been put together by Limi. Tesdal and Limi got the new "Members":/Members interface working, much nicer. Everyone is doing a fandabbydozey of a job getting everything in its place. Marketing, Documentation, Development and Communication are all aspects of Plone that have evolved quite a bit in the past month. I see 2003 as a very opportune year for Plone.

"Step right up":http://www.yimpan.com/Songsite/Lyric/index.asp?sid=2335